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Testimonials - Zumba Classses in Salisbury, Amesbury and Wilton with ZIN Kirstie Pugh

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Zumba Gold

Kirstie's Zumba Gold makes me feel uplifted and confident. I look forward to the class each week and the...

hour goes by very quickly, because you are so fully engaged and enjoying the whole experience.

Kirstie has a bright sunny personality and is very welcoming. Her brilliant instructional technique never makes you feel a failure & you can give the routines as much effort as you want or are able to. She helps you through the manoeuvres by demonstrating and dancing with you. She faces you and turns with her back to you so you can always be assured of going in the right direction. She continually gives  praise & encouragement. You certainly feel a lot fitter and happier at the end. I have no hesitation in my recommendation and writing this testimonial. Alison Pittaway (age 66)

I took up Zumba Gold as a New Year Resolution to start to return to fitness but confess I felt some...

apprehension before I started... I have love the fun, upbeat but manageable class. It is all down to the friendly, infectious and engaging enthusiasm of Kirstie and the way she ensures that non of us feels uncomfortable or over-stretched. Her routines are interesting and link well with the good choice of music. It's never boring, and I always come away feeling like I have done a good workout, but also wanting to come back again!

(In addition, as a doctor I was particularly impressed with the attention to underlying health problems and at the start of every class, she checks if there are any new injuries of which she should be aware. Not only fun, prudent too!) I recommend the 10 class package, very good value and sensibly not limited to sequential classes. Antonia

I joined Kirstie's Zumba Gold class in April. I am 67 and find the exercise regime perfect for me. I really feel my...
body has had a good workout but not been under too much stress. The hour goes by really quickly and there is no pressure to do the dance moves perfectly. Kirstie tells us to just keep moving. The classes are good fun, I look forward to going and Kirstie is vey motivating. I can thoroughly recommend these classes. Gwyneth Gibbs, 67
Dancing has always been my favourite activity but opportunities are few and far between, weddings, some...
birthdays etc.  I'm to old to go clubbing but I am young at heart (I'm 56). Zumba Gold is the perfect solution. Brilliant music, like minded people, no one minds if you get the moves wrong it's all part of the fun. Just keep moving and smiling. My knees won't let me do the sporty session and Zumba Gold was advertised as low impact and that's exactly how it's tailored. It's exercise while you have fun. Win win - Trish
I have been doing Zumba Gold classes with Kirstie for over 2 years and love them. As you get older it's so...
important to keep exercising and Zumba is ideal. Zumba Gold uses every part of my body and at the end I always come away feeling much better and fitter!! Babs
I started my Zumba gold at a difficult time for me and I try to go twice a week. It has given me such a boost as...
the exercise is just what I needed, and is such fun that I can't help smiling and singing all the way through. I would thoroughly recommend it and Kirstie is great. I am 63 years young and look forward to it very much each week. Brenda
I have only been to a few sessions but I have loved every one. I feel that my co ordination has improved and...
it certainly brightens my day. I go home in really happy after the work outs. No two sessions are the same and everyone looks as if they are enjoying themselves and they are always smiling. A fantastic way to spend an hour.
Maureen Emmett,  58
I have been doing Zumba Gold for a while now, and enjoy it very much. I feel it benefits me with my joints and...
movements and I feel refreshed afterwards. Kirstie and the company of the other ladies is so nice. We have lots of laughs, which creates a friendly atmoshphere. Doreen, 67
Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your classes, love the music and the dance is fantastic!...
Thank you for being such an excellent teacher the movements really help to ease the discomfort in my arthritic hip. You make it fun and I always feel happy after a class.
I've been going to Kirstie's classes for 2 years and they are fantastic just like her...
Hurt my foot so have been to seated Zumba which is just amazing
I would just like to add, what an amazing funny friendly atmosphere in your classes I have, you are so good...
at your job and bring lots of smiles to everyone, I am so pleased I found you on the web site. Carole

Seated Zumba Gold

Kirstie is a very dedicated and professional lady. She always makes the class interesting and fun. A lovely and..

charming person.

I started Zumba with Kirstie in February this year, having suffered many years with severe Polymyalgia and Fybromyaligia. Kirstie has helped me so much, my movements and strength have improved, helping me to reduce the steriods. Thank you so much. Rosemary

I thought I must write to thank you for your care and expertise at the classes I attend. I very much enjoy them...

As I have got older it is not so easy to exercise and I would find a gym or normal exercise intimidating. Your class could be done seated or stood beside a chair, which made it easier to manage for the less able.

I benefited physically, mentally and socially. I have gained more use in my joints and muscles and can move more freely with less pain, being able to move more easily has given me more confidence to go out more.

These exercises has done me more good than the painkillers I was taking. Many thanks Chris

I woud like to praise Kirstie our Zumba Tutor because she is good at her job and she always tells us only to do...

the exercises we can do and that there are no wrong moves in Zumba and best of all she makes it fun.

Since I have been going to Zumba Gold class I am feeling better in myself and Kirstie our instructor makes it fun to do our Zumba exercises. And we have a good laugh. I feel that I am benefiting and I have met lots of people.

I will be continuing with Zumba Gold because I feel that the classes are doing me good. I think it is well worth doing Zumba to keep fit and it is helping me with my weight loss.

I think Zumba is the best exercise you can do and it makes you feel better in yourself in general. Lilian

I would like to say a big thank you for introducing me to the world of Zumba Gold. I thought I would never be...

able to join a exercise class again as I have asthma and arthristis in both knees, but Zumba has given me back my confidence and improved my breathing.

You are one special lady. Keep up the good work. Lynda

As a senior citizen with arthritis in my knees and wrists I have found this amazing! Other exercise...
establishments do not offer similar classes, where not only can I exercise responsibly but also get the social affect of doing so with likewise people. Therefore I do not feel 'old', 'stupid' or misunderstood. In fact quite the opposite. We work hard but have fun as well, mainly because of the superb instructor, Kirstie, who understands our restictions. Sylvie
I was diagnosed with border line diabetes and advised to take more exercise. I have osteoarthritis in both knees...

so find this difficult.

In two months, since starting Seated Zumba Gold, my latest check up shows I have lost a few pounds in weight and my blood pressure and diabetic levels are down. I now attend two session a week. Lady Sandra

Hurray for Kirstie and Seated Zumba.  We get clear and unpressured instruction and we think we are just having...
fun but my leg muscles are at last improving and my overall mobility is better after only a few weeks.  Even my brain gets a workout as I have to pay attention all the time to coordinate the moves. 
Thank you Kirstie. Daphne Estlick
A poem for Seated Zumba Gold...

For Frivolity, Friends & Fitness, "Zumba Gold" is Fantastic

Kindliness & Know-How, "Zumba Gold" with Kirstie is a Knockout

Greeting (Warm), Getting (Fit), "Zumba Gold" is Great

Come to Kirstie's Zumba Classes and get moving again

C'mon - you can do it! - Win

Special Needs Zumba Gold

Kirstie holds Zumba sessions at a club I run for adults aged between 18-30 all of whom have Learning and...

physical difficulties.

Kirstie is the first person to ever run a sitdown session so that it is inclusive for all of our members regardless of ability. This promotes equality within the group.

The music is modern and up-to-date and therefore more enjoyable by the group and Kirstie works at the members pace.

Her Zumba sessions are very popular within all of the groups run by South Wilts Mencap, she regularly attends fundays as well. One evening a young man, who can be challenging, was distressed, Kirstie spoke kindly to him, she asked him to help her run the session at the front with her, needless to say his mood instantly improved. She is a natural with those with learning difficulties, she has the ability to not treat them as different.

She is Extremely popular with members of all ages and she is friendly, considerate and patient. She's definitely not money orientated, you can see she thoroughly enjoys what she does. 

She is professional and provides an excellent, value for money service.

I can not recommend her highly enough she is a pleasure to have at club nights. 

Sue - 4&More Club, South Wilts Mencap

Kirstie comes in to our group for adults who have sustained a brain injury once a month to do a seated class...

She is great at ensuring that everyone is able to participate in the session, whatever their abilities. She offers alternatives for anyone not able to carry out a certain movement and encourages those who may be a little reticent.

Everyone looks forward to the session and with the music, movements and Kirstie's energy you cannot help but feel upbeat afterwards. 

Sarah - Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire

From some of the children at Exeter House, Salisbury

Dear Kirstie, My favourite lession is Zumba and I think Zumba is amazing lesson ever. I really really like to do Zumba again. I really like the songs they are great. I would like you to come back (after school holidays) and do Zumab with us at Exeter House Vaccery Centre. It would be great to do Zumba again with you - Dean

I like to sing along to the songs in Zumba - Shanice

I like to dance - Jordan

Zumba is good exercise and good fun - Jess

I like dancing with my friends - Josh

It's fun, I miss it - Darcy

I like the songs - Carstan

It is really lovely and great - Dean

I like to do Zumba for exercise - Jade

Zumba Fitness and Zumba Step

Love this class, have tried Zumba before elsewhere and found it was too much focus on fitness, not so much...
on dancing and fun, so for me this is the perfect mix, love the different music and moves, not just latest top 10. Would recommend to anyone! Thanks Kirstie - Monica
This is so much fun! The time passes so quickly but the fact that you're aching the next day means it's working...
For any level of fitness as you can choose how much of a move you want to make - highly recommended! - Marina
Fabulous, fun way to get fit! Kirstie's energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and the class is friendly and not ...
at all intimidating. You are guaranteed to leave every Zumba class with a big smile on your face - Lisa
A lively class with great easy-to-follow dance moves, packed with a lot of energy! - Rosane
Brilliant fun and simple to follow as well as being great exercise xx - Tasha

Weekly Open Zumba and Fitness Classes


Zumba Gold

Wilton Community Centre: 10 - 11am

Seated Zumba Gold - Chair Exercise

Salisbury Methodist Church: 12 - 1pm

Zumba Fitness

Wilton Community Centre: 6.15 - 7pm

Body Conditioning - Circuits

Wilton Community Centre: 7.15 - 8.15pm


Seated Zumba Gold - Chair Exercise

Olivier Place, The Avenue, Wilton: 10.30 - 11.30am

Zumba Gold

Salisbury Methodist Church: 5 - 6pm


Zumba Gold

Wilton Community Centre: 9.15 - 10.15am

Body Conditioning - Stabilise

Wilton Community Centre: 10.30 - 11.30am

Seated Zumba Gold - Chair Exercise

Antrobus House, Amesbury: 1.45 - 2.45pm

Zumba Gold

Antrobus House, Amesbury: 3 - 4pm

Zumba Fitness

Wilton Community Centre: 6.15 - 7pm

Body Conditioning - Stabilise

Wilton Community Centre: 7.15 - 8.15pm


Zumba Gold

Salisbury Methodist Church: 9 - 10am

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