Salisbury Zumba and Exercise Classes

In the 12 years that Geoff Cluett and his wife, June, lived on their boat Concerto, they sailed from Newport Rhode Island to the Bahamas, throughout the Caribbean and then across the Atlantic to cruise the length and breadth of the Mediterranean before returning to the USA. They had much time to relax and enjoy their environment and this provided Geoff with a golden opportunity to learn a number of new skills, one of which was to make useful and decorative items out of lengths of line.

It recently occurred to Geoff that he could dig out the bag with all his old cordage and start making pieces again (knotting) - but this time with a purpose; for people (you!) to buy them and for Geoff to send all the money collected to the NHS.

So, Geoff has been busy making a few demonstration items, pictured below, to give you an idea of the sort of choice you might have.

The pictures below shows the different coloured cords available. Examples of key ring tags, bracelets. and necklaces.

These items are all for sale now, but you can order what you want in your colour combination of choice and Geoff will make them to order - also sizing them to your requirement.

Prices will vary a bit but range from £2.00 for basic key ring fobs to £8.00 plus for a necklace or a bit more with a shackle.

Call Geoff on 0742 513 9860 or email to let him know what you want and he will make it to your spec and let you know the cost before you commit.

(His stock of line is limited and doesn't know how quickly he will be able to replace it, so please take that into account).

Fabulous, fun way to get fit! Kirstie's energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and the class is friendly... you are guaranteed to leave every Zumba class with a big smile on your face!"

This is so much fun! The time passes so quickly but the fact that you're aching the next day means it's working... For any level of fitness as you can choose how much of a move you want to make - highly recommended!

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