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Health Benefits - Special Needs Zumba Classes in Salisbury with ZIN Kirstie Pugh

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Some of the benefits of Zumba Gold for Special Needs

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Ability to Express Emotions
Zumba Gold is great way to express emotions that are sometimes not easily expressed verbally.
Improved confidence and Self-esteem 
Zumba Gold can increase confidence, social and communication skills as well as improve self-esteem and over all attentiveness
Healthy Heart
You can maintain a healthy heart with Zumba Gold. Zumba is an excellent cardio exercise and the dance moves get your heart rate elevated. The movement also promotes efficient blood flow throughout the body. These benefits work together to help you avoid cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.
Weight Management
Zumba Gold is a cardio exercise which aims at burning calories! With the help of ZumbaGold you can burn calories and lose weight.
Improved Mobility
Zumba Gold aids in making the body more flexible and also increases endurance. With the help of Zumba Gold, an individual can improve posture, coordination and balance. Practicing Zumba Gold on a regular basis would help you feel more energized.
Stronger Bones and Muscles
Zumba Gold is an excellent way to strengthen the bones and muscles. Zumba dancing engages a number of muscles which helps in increasing overall muscle strength and endurance.
Improved Cognitive Function and Motor Skills
Scientists believe that movement and exercising improves the flow of oxygen rich blood which leads to improved cognitive functions and motor skilss
Relief from Stress
People who have not been very active in the past often suffer from depression and stress, especially if they have spent most of their time indoors. The movements involved in Zumba Gold help in boosting your natural antidepressants in your body... and that helps in eliminating stress and reducing depression.
Social Connections
When you attend a Zumba Gold class, you have an opportunity to meet many new people and to interact with them in fun and meaningful ways. Zumba Gold is designed to be a fun-filled and exciting activity and it is an excellent place for you and your new and old friends to get together and party!

Some of the reviews of Zumba Gold for Special Needs

Kirstie holds Zumba sessions at a club I run for adults aged between 18-30...

all of whom have Learning and physical difficulties.

Kirstie is the first person to ever run a sitdown session so that it is inclusive for all of our members regardless of ability. This promotes equality within the group.

The music is modern and up-to-date and therefore more enjoyable by the group and Kirstie works at the members pace.

Her Zumba sessions are very popular within all of the groups run by South Wilts Mencap, she regularly attends fundays as well. One evening a young man, who can be challenging, was distressed, Kirstie spoke kindly to him, she asked him to help her run the session at the front with her, needless to say his mood instantly improved. She is a natural with those with learning difficulties, she has the ability to not treat them as different.

She is Extremely popular with members of all ages and she is friendly, considerate and patient. She's definitely not money orientated, you can see she thoroughly enjoys what she does. 

She is professional and provides an excellent, value for money service.

I can not recommend her highly enough she is a pleasure to have at club nights. 

Sue - 4&More Club, South Wilts Mencap

Kirstie comes in to our group for adults who have sustained a brain injury...

once a month to do a seated class. She is great at ensuring that everyone is able to participate in the session, whatever their abilities. She offers alternatives for anyone not able to carry out a certain movement and encourages those who may be a little reticent.

Everyone looks forward to the session and with the music, movements and Kirstie's energy you cannot help but feel upbeat afterwards. 

Sarah - Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire

From some of the children at Exeter House, Salisbury

Dear Kirstie, My favourite lession is Zumba and I think Zumba is amazing lesson ever. I really really like to do Zumba again. I really like the songs they are great. I would like you to come back (after school holidays) and do Zumab with us at Exeter House Vaccery Centre. It would be great to do Zumba again with you - Dean

I like to sing along to the songs in Zumba - Shanice

I like to dance - Jordan

Zumba is good exercise and good fun - Jess

I like dancing with my friends - Josh

It's fun, I miss it - Darcy

I like the songs - Carstan

It is really lovely and great - Dean

I like to do Zumba for exercise - Jade

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All classes running as normal throughout the summer holidays, apart from a few dates -
please enquire.

Classes at Wilton Community Centre - Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, Circuits and Stabilise


Zumba Gold Christmas Lunch

3rd December 18

Milford Hall Hotel, Salisbury

12noon for 12.30pm

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10 class pass for £45*

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Wilton Community Centre: 10 - 11am

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Seated Zumba Gold - Chair Exercise

Olivier Place, The Avenue, Wilton: 10.30 - 11.30am

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Body Conditioning - Stabilise

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Salisbury Methodist Church: 9 - 10am

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